Greenwashed, Action for the Climate Emergency


Producer, Videography


A 12 episode web series designed to reach gen z with the truth about the climate emergency.

Our generation is over endless corporate marketing campaigns, we know that individual action is a distraction that won’t solve the climate crisis, and we’ve had enough of the lies and denials about our changing climate while those in power stuff their pockets with dirty money. We’re tired of it and we’re here to disrupt the narrative on climate change. GreenWashed is a new weekly series where we’ll wade deep into the waters of our movement to challenge misconceptions around the climate crisis. Our host will interview our generation’s inspiring voices who are leading justice movements around the country and taking power back from those who are intent on our silence. Our message is clear: Our actions won’t be diverted. Our voices won’t be deterred. Our movement won’t be washed away.

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